A set of food products to improve body shape, mind efficiency or stress relief

What is SuperfoodBOX?

It's a food set in a box which contains 6 super ingredients and lasts for one month.
Eating healthy is easier than ever before.

Define your needs

Do you suffer from lack of energy, fatigue, weakness? We have BOX for it, choose one to increase your energy, concentration & motivation.

Use it daily

You’ll get powdered superfoods which you can add to yogurt, porridge or soup. It’s super fast & super easy.

Enjoy a better health

It doesn’t matter if you are busy, a beginner or a pro, we will show you that eating healthy can be fun with SuperfoodBOX.

choose a set which is best for you


If you are a sporty person who wants to lift more, run faster and have better endurance - this box is made for you.


Improves mental performance - if you work mentally or studying, you need products that will improve your memory & brain efficiency.
Everything you need is in this box.


Did you have a hard time at work or university? Need to relax your body & mind? Stress relief guaranteed.

What is in the box?

In each box you will find six unique, carefully selected, effective ingredients which are enough for a month.

Why does it work?

You don’t have to cook anything. All ingredients are natural and prepared in a convenient form of powder or herbal infusion.

Why should I choose your products?

We deliver food. You do your job as you have much more time. No food-researching, no cooking. Eating healthy has never been so easy.

More questions?
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customers success stories

Read how SuperfoodBOX has improved lives of our first customers and how it can help you to improve your life.
SuperfoodBOX was designed by first-class nutritionists, athletes, and healthy food specialists.

I work in the office, after that I train at the gym and at home I am a full-time mum. I wanted to stay in shape after pregnancy. Perfect body BOX is natural, convenient and it really works. The best thing is that this entire job with testing, choosing food is already done.



Chicago, US

I spend a lot of time on trainings as I am a pro football player. I got Superhero, Longplay & Mind boxes as all these ingredients are crucial in my daily routine. Now, I don’t have to spend time on research about food and I can focus on doing what I love.



Aguilas, Spain

From 9 to 5 I work using my mind but later I work on my body as running is my biggest passion. I need some food to give me an extra kick of energy on trainings to be faster and stronger than my opponents. Longplay BOX fits my needs perfectly.



Viborg, Denmark
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